Our Coffee

Along with being a mechanic for many years, Chris has always had a passion for good coffee. After years of discussions, we decided to incorporate Chris’ passion for coffee into our business. Sure, it sounds strange, but when you do what you love it’s not a chore.

Whilst the Espresso Bar is in the same building, you certainly wouldn’t think you were in a mechanical workshop, when you take a seat.  The Espresso Bar is open to everyone six mornings a week.

After listening to peoples’ requests, we’ve tweaked our beverage menu to provide our customers what they want.  These include.

  • Milk.  Full cream milk, light milk, lactose free milk, soy milk and almond milk.
  • Decaf coffee.  Our award winning decaf beans have received rave reviews from our customers.
  • Ice coffee.  As it’s warmed up we’ve introduced iced coffee to our menu.  It’s been a big hit.
  • Tea.  We’ve a range of Tea Tonic teas.
  • Chai & Hot Chocolate.
  • Smoothies.  We’ve a big variety of fruit smoothies.