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At Spannerman we provide an extensive range of mechanical repairs, from a simple bulb replacement to major engine rebuilds. All labour is fully guaranteed and only quality, fully guaranteed parts are used. Read more about the services and products we offer below...

In what is a little different for a country town we’ve opened an espresso bar within our current premises. Spannerman Espresso is open Monday to Saturday mornings where Chris, who is passionate (some would say obsessive) about his coffee, will provide you with your morning coffee fix.

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We can service your vehicle whilst still under manufacturer’s warranty.

Using genuine or fully guaranteed quality parts and the best oils available, we can service your vehicle for a fraction of a dealership service, meaning you are saving time and money. With today’s cap price servicing, dealership services look more attractive than ever. Our research tells us that dealership cap price services are still more expensive than our logbook service options.

A common misconception for new car owners is that you must take your vehicle back to the Franchise Dealer or your new vehicle warranty will be void.

You do not have to take your new car back to the ‘Dealer’ for service and your warranty will not be void.

Under the trade practices act, Dealers cannot claim the warranty void, if the vehicle is serviced by a licensed motor mechanic in a licensed mechanical workshop.

Your warranty will not be void!
Your warranty is safe at Spannerman

Our customers enjoy much better warranty options than those owners using only Dealers. We can advise clients on warranty items that are found during servicing that may go unnoticed or not reported until the warranty period is over.

Spannerman is a dealer and installer of Toughdog Suspension.

Tough Dog has been making tracks across the world since 1984, and have grown rapidly as a result of the excellent reputation their quality gear commands. Today, Tough Dog products are sought after the world over, and the distribution network spans 28 countries around the world. With some of the harshest conditions right here in Australia to test out products, the gear that makes it to the market is a cut above the rest.

Spannerman offer a full battery and charging system check.

We are suppliers of Alco batteries and offer a free fitting service in most cases.

We have been selling batteries for 12 years. Alco branded batteries have proved to be the most dependable by far.

Battery Sales in Grenfell Central West NSW

Alco Battery Sales

At Spannerman we provide a full light vehicle, motorcycle and trailer inspection service; Blue Slips, Pink Slips and LPG inspections.

We are a QBE CTP insurance agent (Green Slips).

We can even register your vehicle online with the RMS (RTA).

eSafety Check


Spannerman can offer the most accurate wheel alignments using the most up to date equipment and software available.

At Spannerman we offer a wide range of premium and budget tyres.

We are a dealer for Kumho, Maxxis, GT Radial & Coopers tyres.

Our budget brands include, Federal, Roadstone, Marshall, Starfire and many more. We have a full fitting and balancing service for most light vehicle tyres.

At Spannerman we provide a complete steering and suspension service. We will give your vehicle a comprehensive and thorough check of all steering and suspension components.

We have all the equipment and expertise to quickly and safely fit any components that requires attention and with our state of the art wheel alignment equipment we can accurately set your vehicle geometry to perform at its best.

Spannerman offer a full trailer repair service. From upgrading your lights to LED, upgrading suspension, fitting brakes to major structural repairs.

All repairs are carried out to ADR regulations.

Cooling system failure is the most common cause of mechanical breakdown. At Spannerman we can give your vehicle the most comprehensive cooling system check.

  • Full cooling system pressure test
  • Check coolant strength.
  • Check all coolant hoses.
  • Check water pump for leaks and noisy bearings
  • Check fan belts
  • Check radiator fan coupling and electric fan operation.
  • Check heater valves.
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Check radiator for leaks, internal and external obstructions

It is easy to forget to maintain your vehicle’s lights. As weather changes, the quality of these easily looked-over car parts becomes more and more important. Regularly change your bulbs and wiper blades as needed so you can See and be Safe. If the clarity of your headlights is not up to par, consider restoring those clouded, hazy headlights to crystal clear with our See and Be Safe Service.

The See and Be Safe Service Includes:

  • Wet sanding of the external layer of the headlight lens with a professional service tool for the most intensive cleaning and headlight minor scratch removal
  • Application of polish for the ultimate shine
  • Removal of clouding and discoloration
  • Swirl mark eradication
  • Diminishment of oxidised build up and staining
  • Restored clarity to headlights